How to become a Choose Life Delaware member and obtain a State of Delaware “Choose Life” license plate


Option 1 (Apply by Mail)

  1. Print and fill-out Choose Life Delaware Membership Form.
  2. Print and fill-out DMV-613 form.
  3. Mail to Choose Life Delaware
    • One check payable to “Choose Life Delaware, Inc.” (See details below)
    • Completed Membership and 613 forms

Option 2 (Apply Online for Membership & Plate)

    • Select menu tab “Members & Plates” then “Apply Online” and fill out form and click Submit.
    • Then make payment online.

About Fees

    • $20 Supporter Fee and
    • $10 for each license plate (Choose Life will mail a $10 check and your DMV613 form to the State of Delaware DMV.

Mailing Address

    • Choose Life Delaware, 129 Brandywine Drive, Dover, DE 19904

Receiving Plate

    • Your Choose Life License Plate(s), D.M.V. Motor Vehicle Registration Card & License Plate Decal Sticker will be mailed directly to you by the State of Delaware DMV. If questions, call Jim Cordie at 302-678-9955.

DMV Organizational Plate Rules

The vehicle must be currently titled and registered in Delaware in the name of the applicant with a valid registration sticker. The organization plate may be displayed on a private passenger vehicle, SUV, or truck with a manufacturer’s gross weight vehicle rating (GVWR) of 26,000 pounds or less. The title/registration must be in an individual’s name, not a business name.

A vehicle is authorized only one organizational plate. Applicants may only apply for one organizational plate. An applicant who currently has an organizational plate and is applying for a different organizational plate must indicate so on the application. No refunds will be authorized for canceling a vanity or other organizational plate.

The organizational plate can be displayed on the front of the vehicle if the applicant wishes to display the number plate on the back of the vehicle. Customers who display their organizational plate on the back of their vehicle must keep their number tag in their vehicle.

Owners wishing to transfer the organizational plate from one vehicle to another vehicle (same owner) must inform the dealer or DMV when paperwork is processed. Upon receipt of notice that the individual is no longer affiliated with the organization for which the organizational plate has been issued, the plate must be returned to the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles within 90 days in accordance with 21 Del.C.§2139. If vehicle is traded or sold, the registration card displaying the plate number must be presented to the Division of Motor Vehicles so a new registration card can be issued.

The fee of $10.00 must be submitted with application. Payment must be made by check or money order. This is a one-time fee for the organizational license plate only. The vehicle must continue to pass DMV inspection and pay the yearly registration fee. Once the application has been submitted, the applicant should receive notification from DMV within six to eight weeks that the plate and registration card can be picked up.