How to become a Choose Life Delaware member and obtain a State of Delaware “Choose Life” license plate

Option 1

  1. Print and fill-out Choose Life Delaware Membership Form.
  2. Print and fill-out DMV-613 form.
  3. Mail to Choose Life Delaware
    • One check payable to “Choose Life Delaware, Inc.” (See details below)
    • Completed Membership and 613 forms

Option 2 (Online)

  1. Fill-out online Membership form and make online payment.
  2. Print and fill-out DMV-613 form manually.
  3. Mail to 613 form to Choose Life Delaware.


About Fees

    • $20 Supporter Fee and
    • $10 for each license plate (Choose Life will mail a $10 check and your DMV 613 form to the State of Delaware DMV.

Mailing Address

    • Choose Life Delaware, 129 Brandywine Drive, Dover, DE 19904

Receiving Plate

    • Your Choose Life License Plate(s), D.M.V. Motor Vehicle Registration Card & License Plate Decal Sticker will be mailed directly to you by the State of Delaware DMV. If questions, call Jim Cordie at 302-678-9955.

About Organization Plates

    • Answers to questions about organizational license plates, see back of DMV-613 form


Print Forms (Option 1)

Apply Online (Option 2)

View Forms

View Membership & Plate Application

View D.M.V. 613 Form

View D.M.V. 613 Form Backside


All Specialty Plates

  1. The vehicle must be currently registered in the State of Delaware with a valid registration sticker. Plates will only be issued on cars, station wagons, or trucks with maximum gross weight of 10, 000 pounds.
  2. Vehicle must be titled/registered in the name of the applicant. Title can be in more than one person’s name but cannot be in a corporation or business name. Vanity plates are allowed to be in any name.
  3. Vehicle is authorized only one specialty plate. An applicant who currently has a specialty plate and is applying for a different specialty plate must indicate so on the application. No refunds will be authorized for dropping a vanity or other specialty plate.
  4. A fee of $10.00 must be submitted at time of application. Payment must be by check or money order.
  5. The specialty pate can be displayed on the front of the vehicle if the applicant wishes to display the number tag on the back of the vehicle. Customers who display their specialty plate on the back of their vehicle must keep their number tag in their vehicle.

.6. Once the application has been submitted, the applicant should receive the tag in the mail within four to six weeks. The Division must have a valid phone number to contact the applicant for any questions or problems.

  1. Owners wishing to transfer the specialty plate from one vehicle to another vehicle must inform the dealer or DMV when paperwork is processed.

Organization Plates Only

  1. When an organization’s check is used to pay the cost of all applications and more than ten applications have to be returned for corrections or incomplete information, all applications will be returned. We are unable to refund more than $100.00.
  2. When an organization submits a large number of applicants at the initial issuance of the new plates the organization will be notified when and where plates can be picked up. There may be a longer waiting period to process the paperwork during this initial onslaught.
  3. If an applicant leaves the organization, it is the organization’s responsibility to notify the Division of Motor Vehicles, on the provided form, that the applicant is no longer eligible for the specialty plate. The applicant must surrender his/her tag to the Division and a new registration card will be given to the applicant at no charge.
  4. The Division of Motor Vehicles must have a current list of individuals authorized to approve the application. The organization is responsible for providing an updated list upon change of authorized approval appointees.
  5. Once a tag has been assigned to a vehicle and the owner wishes to transfer/switch numbers, with another vehicle owner, there is a $15.00 service charge per tag. New registration cards must be made for each vehicle. New applications must be submitted. The organization must sign applications giving approval for the switch.
  6. Individuals with more than one vehicle may apply for one plate per vehicle.

MV613 (Revised 2/2/05)

Choose Life Delaware, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) all volunteer organization with an annual membership fee of $20. These fees are donated to agencies within Delaware that promote adoption instead of abortion.

As a member of Choose Life Delaware, Inc. a State of Delaware organizational auto license plate is available to you for a one-time fee of $10.

The first Choose Life license plates were received by the initial 200 applicants on August 24, 2010.

For details to obtain your own Choose Life Delaware license plate, click on the License Plate tab to print forms and instructions, or contact Jim Cordie at 302-678-9955 or email

Delaware’s Choose Life Plate

432 Plates Issued
Revenue Raised Over $67,000

Choose Life Plates
In 33 States & D.C.
Delaware’s Journey

In Delaware, we started in 2006. After much planning, Choose Life Delaware, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware by its founders Farrah Morelli and Jim Cordie in February of 2008. In January of 2009, we received our IRS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status.

Our mission is in affiliation with the national Choose Life Organization and its other associated state Choose Life organizations. We contribute our revenues from member donations to other Delaware organizations that support adoption rather than the abortion alternative. In addition, we make available to our members, a State of Delaware organizational license plate.

We began our membership campaign in April of 2009. Our goal to obtain 200 members was met in June 2010. The State of Delaware requires the submission of 200 member applications before it will issue the license plate. The first plates were issued in August 2010.

Choose Life Delaware is an all-volunteer organization with a volunteer board of directors. In addition, we have other volunteers throughout Delaware who contribute to advancement of our mission

Join Our Team

Spreading the Choose Life story, gaining additional members, displaying more Choose Life Tags and providing increased financial support for the pregnancy care centers is our ongoing mission. We invite you to become a Choose Life volunteer.

To join our team or learn more, contact Jim at 302-678-9955 or

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