419 Plates

As of 10/29/2021

Revenue Raised $56,215

Choose Life Delaware, Inc. is a non-profit, all volunteer organization with an annual membership fee of $20. These fees are distributed to agencies within Delaware that promote adoption instead of abortion.

As a member of Choose Life Delaware, Inc. a State of Delaware organizational auto license plate is available to you for a one time fee of $10.

The first Choose Life license plates were received by the initial 200 applicants on August 24, 2010.

For details to obtain your own Choose Life Delaware license plate, contact Jim Cordie at 302-678-9955 or email jim@chooselifede.org or click on the License Plate tab to print forms and instructions.

Purchase Choose Life Book

“Contemplate Life”

The Birth of the Choose Life Plate

It tells the stories state by state about the Choose Life license plates